Asian Art in Brussels

Dear Friends,

I'm delighted to announce the next edition of Asian Art In Brussels (AAB) 2016, being part of a larger concept that has been baptised "Cultures" – the world arts fair – in collaboration with BAAF and BRUNEAF. Joining forces will allow us to have more visibility worldwide. The Brussels Sablon, with its large number of galleries, remains one of the most attractive places to host participating dealers from all over the world at the centre of Europe. We will of course continue to assure the quality and save provenance of all items exhibited during the fair with the help of our vetting committee and Art Loss Register.

Equally to the previous editions, we will organize conferences and bring a cultural program throughout the fair. Since there will be one catalogue for the entire event, visitors will be able to have a quick overview on all aspects of the activities and participating dealers. Art connoisseurs and the people involved in the organization of lectures in collaboration with KMKG-MRAH, IBHEC, are in my opinion an added cultural value to the fair. Their contribution is indirectly enhancing the reputation of AAB as a full body Asian art fair.

The success of the fair is of course related to everybody's contribution. AAB is a dealer's fair made by dealers. Not forgetting the tremendous work of organization needed, in which Marianne Mulnard excelled through all these months.

Finally, I would like to express my special thanks to Carlo Cristi who has built the fundaments of AAB. He has been a fantastic president over the past three years, securing the interests of the fair, in what I would call "hard times". Carlo was firm when needed, always open to suggestions and trusting his board. We may certainly not forget Paola, who has been very devoted. A sincere "thank you" Paola. Georges Lamy, our Vice President is a man of few words, but one might say that his comments were "extremely" valuable to AAB.

With all these aspects in mind I'm confident that we will build a successful edition in 2016.

We hope to see you soon.

Arie Vos
Buddhist Initiation Paintings of the Yuan period (1271-1368) in the Sino-Himalayan style
by Jane Casey

Pagan, between India and China
by Claudine Bautze-Picron

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