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We can consider the year 2015 a year of maturity for AAB. The Fair, based on serious vetting, selected artworks and financial fairness to the participants, has achieved fine results in terms of expanded communication, good sales and in number of visitors which are notably increasing , beside the regular good friends that don't miss the date. Although we have to develop even more communication toward the Flemish public, this year we had the pleasure of receiving new German visitors, thanks to the good work of our media agent in Germany.

Substantial sales, ranging from few thousands euros to the six digits were reported by the exhibitors, all satisfied. Few pieces are under consideration by european and american institutions. Grusenmeyer sold his major pieces, mainly from India and S.E. Asia, Astamangala a good range of tibetan and nepalese artworks, reports from other exhibitors were of satisfactory sales. Thematic exhibitions, an additional attraction for the visitors, were superbly represented by Michael Woerner's exhibition on Dong Son artworks.

The well known difficulties on finding high quality pieces ,were overcome by the exhibitors, all showing fine artworks to meet the appreciation of the collectors.

The program ArtConnoisseurs, in his third year, has enjoyed the collaboration with The Museum of Art and History and the lectures were held in their premises. A good cultural moment promoted by AAB and BAAF.

The exhibition Fight Pray and Love, fine quality Moghul arms and armors , from the Bartholomew collection was well attended and appreciated.

This success is made of everybody's contribution. AAB it's a dealer's fair made by dealers. Not forgetting the tremendous work of organization needed, in which Marianne Mulnard excelled through all this months.

After three years of intense work to revamp the Fair and setting a new pace, it is time to add fresh names to the Board and the new Presdent will be Mr. Arie Vos, the most qualified person to take the job. Congratulations and my best wishes of a good work, Arie ! Vice President will be Mr. George Lamy, Treasurer Mr. Karim Grusenmeyer, Secretary Mr. Philippe Riché, Administrator Mr. Carlo Cristi.

Wishing all dedication, passion and good luck.

The next appointment will be in June 2016 for a renovated, expanded edition of Asian Art in Brussels.

Carlo Cristi
Amy Heller interview

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by Dr. Richard Pegg

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